Pretty privilege exists.


What is Pretty Privilege?                                                                                                                 The concept of pretty privilege describes the unfair advantage that a person may experience throughout life based on their looks. Or the certain benefits they may have, separate to others, simply because they are attractive.

Let’s be real. Being pretty can be a fast-track ticket to opportunity and capital in any field. In music, it isn’t a secret that attractive female artists seem to ‘get ahead’. Being pretty – especially in this climate – gives way to more popularity, positive reviews, and therefore, a smoother career advancement. Ladies who are considered to be pretty are usually more likely to be given a shot. I mean, see for yourselves. This isn’t a hidden fact. But the game is the game right?

Some have described the music scene as a bit of a boys’ club whereby men who hold powerful positions in the industry (the real decision-makers) have substituted real talent for what looks good. Click here to see: Rick Ross’ choice between two different women in deciding who was the better artist. What do you think?

We should be careful, however, not to paint all pretty girls with the same brush. If she is pretty and successful, then she might just be pretty and successful. She may very well be genuinely good at what she does and that should be celebrated. Don’t be so quick to point the finger and assign a woman’s success to her attractiveness.

Enjoy your evenings!

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