Urban culture. Music scene. Whatever it is, the question is, what is the majority’s attitude towards non-black artists?

It’s worth the conversation.

Singer, MABEL – widely-recognised from one of our favourite 2017 jams, “Finder’s Keepers” – was subject to being heavily criticised and even accused of being a culture vulture after she appeared in a snippet of the video that rapper Not3s’ posted on Instagram to promote their new collaboration track “My Lover”.

Have a look at the controversy:

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It goes without saying but for clarity’s sake, Mabel is not what few have claimed her to be. The views shared in the comments by ignorant individuals do not at all represent the views of all black females/people. For the record, Mabel has many supporters from this demographic – including me – and we look forwards to continuously enjoying her talent.

As a people we need to remind ourselves that in the music industry, anyone who has a talent is allowed to shine. We are not being robbed. Good music – no matter who from – is good music and THAT is what we are here to appreciate.

What’s your attitude towards it all? Feel free to comment your thoughts here on WordPress or respond to the LADIESNGHT post on Twitter.

~ All the best for the New Year, remember #LADIESNGHT will always show you love ~

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