To put it simply: Radar Radio is cancelled.

The popular radio station, home to a number of urban DJs and influencers, recently had to suspend broadcasting as a result of allegations concerning the sexual assault and discrimination against women of colour.

Many of those who hosted shows on the radio station took to Twitter to announce that they’d be removing themselves from Radar and thus, not condoning the quite shameful events that occurred right on the premises.

The victim tells the public of how, despite consulting those in power about the issue, her claims were downplayed and brushed off as “just boys being boys”.


LADIESNGHT stands in solidarity with women in the entertainment industry who unfortunately have to deal with matters like these in their place of work. We’d also like to give a big shoutout to Kenny Allstar, AaliyahMariaBee, DJ P Montana, the Slumflower, the Receipts podcast and everybody else who took a stand and stepped down.

With that being said, we cannot be naive. Some members were very well aware of the incidents happening at the radio station and decided to turn a blind eye until it became some sort of wave to leave. Be reminded that sexual harassment should never be tolerated!

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