“Insta hairdressers only rate you when you’re bait.”

Let’s keep it a buck. Hairdressing professionals and customer service can sometimes be miles apart. Popular hairstylists have previously been put on blast for poor customer service – if you know, you know. I can completely understand the frustration behind it but there are certainly ways we can address this issue and give constructive criticisms without having to drag for filth. It shouldn’t even have to get to that but, yes, quite frankly girls are coughing up too much coin to have to deal with inadequacies.

Oh and whilst we’re on it – are we still keeping quiet about hairstylists who’ll break their backs for public figures but stitch a half-assed wig for a regular girl? It’s no secret. It’s sort of embarrassing to watch. Of course influencers may get you the attention you need, but you still need to be good at what you do, every time you do it and for everyone you do it for. Shady businesses do not last long.

If you have decided to be a service provider, there is little room for excuses. Hairdressers shouldn’t try and avoid confronting their errors. They should, rather, prepare for worst-case scenarios and have alternatives set in place for when a customer may not be happy. It’s important to understand the transition between doing hair for your girls and providing a quality hair service to c l i e n t s. Aim to have accountability and maintain professionalism!



















2 thoughts on “HAIRBYNIGHTMARE”

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out. It honestly means a lot!

    In regards to your lovely blog post, it’s definitely a shame that people are believing hairstylists are only
    doing bait peoples hair to the best of their ability. As an upcoming stylist, i’ve always hoped that people will see talent over popularity.

    I can’t speak for everyone but doing someone’s hair is a new opportunity to communicate with a new face, showcase your skills, learn new things about that persons hairline, understand their styling preferences and seeing their requirements and your passion come to life. To then be able to present your work to the people interested in the hair world through pictures and videos, is everything.

    In regards to popularity, sometimes that doesn’t always equal followers/new clientele. I say this because if an “influencer” who has a lot of followers, is getting their hair done by multiple hairstylists frequenty and showing such on their platform (e.g. instagram), their fan base won’t know who’s hair is the best, the quality or longevity of the hair or if they’re genuinely good at what they do. This has been a situation i’ve seen a number of times, personally. HOWEVER, if a client who you don’t know what they do or what their social media handles are, comes to you to get their done and they love it, it can really go far. I say this due to word of mouth and people actually seeing the hair not just once but for a long period of time. This will make them think “wow she’s still rocking that wig for a while, it must be really good” or “wow she’s had that hair for some time and it still looks brand new”. Through that, more will understand your work isn’t just what people see on your social media handles that one time but for many other times after that.

    In regards to customer service, this is definitely something that makes or breaks your brand. It’s definitely a learning curve especially as you continue to grow. I wish i got a PA a lot sooner than i did. You underestimate the amount of work you’re heading into until it all hits you and you think i can’t do this anymore. Those were literally my words. But each situation is a new opportunity to learn something. Understanding where your client is coming from, presenting them with options to best fit their schedule and closing the chapter on a positive and apologetic note. It may not always be this smooth but in the name of i just want everyone to be happy, i’m willing to break my back to fix anything. But again it’s a learning curve, one im looking forward to.

    I’ve said so much but i thought an response/insight from someone who does hair would be nice.

    Thank you once again beauts!

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