Alexa, play IG Girls…

Now, to take something at face value means that you are accepting whatever is presented to you as the truth – without considering whether it is or is not actually what it claims to be.

That’s what a lot of us are doing when it comes to what we know as “IG Baddies” – we are taking what they give to us at face value. We are celebrating a false reality. If I start to talk, they will say I’m hating. Unfortunately, it is very easy to paint all IG girls with the same brush, but that is not the approach I’m ever going to take on this blog. I’m never here to drag. You all know how the saying goes though…if the shoe fits, w e a r i t.

I’m not mad at young ladies recognising their beauty as a method of generating an income and building platforms for themselves. I’m here for that self-awareness. What I’m not here for is building a fake persona online. Anything that lacks authenticity will not last long. Period. Luckily for them it isn’t (usually) about anything other than their appearance and how high up in status they can get.

Oh and can we really talk about where some of these UK broads are drawing their inspiration from? I mean, whew…I’m seeing straight replicas of US IG girls. We should probably get into this matter another time?

It’s funny though, because that’s how they get the bag? After all the pretending, some of them actually do get to become the girl they faked so hard to be. The facts are that some of these beautiful IG Bad Bs are so broke in real life, so messy and do bad business.

I’ve seen it and I am shook.

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